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Submarino – Treasure Hunt

During a party you notice that your treasures and precious belongings have disappeared. How could this happen? How did you not notice? Maybe whoever is guilty of this is right under your nose and you must be very alert to investigate the case.

This is the motto of Caça ao Tesouro, a new treasure hunt for Facebook that was launched by Webcore Games for the travel website Submarino Viagens. The player begins the saga with a list of suspects, consisting of Facebook friends.

The investigation begins and the player must explore different cities around the world to find out useful information about the suspect and recover the disappearing treasure. The clues are real, based on Facebook friends’ profile. At the end, the player bust analyze all the clues that were given and guess who’s to blame.

It relies on neat illustrations that are full of humor, with a fun game design and interaction based on real information about your friends, Caça ao Tesouro – Submarino Viagens sharpens our investigative desire and takes us on a grand adventure.

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